Whether you are new to painting, rekindling an old passion or even a professional artist wanting to try something new, my instructions and insights will enable you to paint your favourite subjects with confidence.

Much More Than Watch and Copy

My painting lessons are informative and easy to understand so you can get that "lightbulb" moment sooner

Students Are Loving My Fresh Approach to Online Teaching

Here's what a few of them had to say

"WWW gave me a great outcome"

Judy Stephen

I’m very impressed with this course, and indeed the other BBH Art courses I have done. Jen is a great teacher, who was able to lead me to finish a painting that I’m very happy with, and to which I’m proud to put my name . The instructions are well set out and easy to follow and the videos make it so easy to go back to check on something whenever you want. As a former teacher in the creative arts area, I think BBH Art workshops are excellent and I highly recommend them.

"When I saw Blue Beach Art I thought it would be another like the rest"

Milly Steele

I have had an interest in painting for many years but after having some bad experiences in beginner classes, I had given it a wide birth for a long time. I became interested again about 6yrs ago but again could not find anyone to help. I have subscribed to other painters who again disappointed and watched hours of ‘how to’ on Youtube and bumbled along. When I saw Blue Beach Art I thought it would be another like the rest. To my absolute delight in that first hour Jenny explained sooo much. Jennys instruction is concise, easy to understand and she explains the whys and wherefores for doing everything. The videos move at a good pace and you can start and stop or rewind as needed.  I loved using a minimal palette and brushes, instead of dozens of colours that got out of control and a dozen and one brushes. I then signed up for the Paint stunning Seascapes, again was not disappointed. The cost is reasonable and Jenny gives you ongoing support through FB and e-mail with both courses. It has inspired me to keep pursuing my painting interest and hopefully get to sell some.   I honestly can’t recommend this course highly enough for those that are thinking they’d like to try painting or for those who have some skill. It’s great to see what others are doing in the FB group and to get and give encouragement from each other along the way. You become part of a community.   As Jenny says: “are you ready to dive in?”

"Your calmness and encouragement enable me to refocus"

Jayne Clyde

Wow Jenny your courses are amazing! I am presently following your instructions to Paint a Stunning Sea Scape. I am very grateful to you for sharing absolutely everything you know about paint, techniques, composition, plus, well everything I could possibly need to know about creating a beautiful painting. It's up to me to practise and improve. You have left nothing out. I have become very frustrated at times with the colour mixing, keeping the right amount of paint on my brush, my misplaced brush strokes, rushing ahead and seemingly making a mess of it all. Your calmness and encouragement enable me to refocus, get back on track and enjoy my painting experience. Many thanks to you, what a fantastic teacher you are, I'm so happy to be a student of yours. Jayne

"It has only been one week, but my excitement is hard to contain"

Cathy W, Ocean Grove, VIC, Australia

I am finding the tutorials easy to follow. Jenny is so easy to listen to and doesn't veer off the subject. I have learnt so much by watching and listening. The shading in the mini course was a blessing for me. I have been looking around my area for a good art class and now I have stopped looking thanks to your generosity for offering these classes at such affordable prices. I can’t thank you enough. I have been teaching myself to paint by watching painting tutorials which have been very helpful, but after watching the mini course I have gained a whole new understanding. I like that we can listen to the lessons over and over because you always get a better understanding of the concepts of painting. I really am blown away with how much Jenny is prepared to share, she is truly one amazing lady. Just do it. You won't regret it.

"I have learned a lot and am more confident to attempt a sea or surrounding painting"

Sandra W, Newcastle,NSW, Australia

Step by step, it was manageable, and great learning suggestions! Makes you think about colours, light , dark , wind , sunlight, and surroundings! I have more confidence to attempt, something I’ve not done before ! If you make a mistake !!!! It’s ok , it can be fixed or changed Probably didn’t think I could do it ! But surprisingly I could try Yes, do it , certainly worth it and I thought very reasonable, and easy to follow, you are very generous with your learning experience and tips I would love to thank you for helping, and your suggestions on how to improve ! And giving me the confidence to try other ideas, that I normally wouldn’t do ! Only picking up a brush 6 months ago

"I learnt more in your course than in 4 years of high school art"

Mel G, Kingscliff, NSW, Australia

I enrolled in both your courses recently and have to say thanks! I did Visual Art in High school for 4 years and have learnt more in one of your online courses than I did in those 4 years!Mel

You are an inspirational teacher

Maureen G, Australia

Thanks so much, Jenny. You are an inspirational teacher. As a primary teacher of forty years, now retired since 2011, I not only taught thousands of children, but also trained trainee teachers from Monash, Deakin and Melbourne Universities. I have even had a few years stint at teaching art to primary students.  Regards Maureen Garvey

Perhaps you have considered online learning before but you...

  • are afraid you won't be able to keep up with the lessons

  • have had a bad learning experience in the past

  • don't think that you will be able to do it

What if you could

  • Start at any time, work at your own pace and return to the lessons as often as you like

  • Join a learning community where you will receive lots of friendly support and encouragement

  • Get honest and constructive feedback on your work without fear of judgement

  • Surprise yourself by creating an artwork that you can be proud of

My Formula For Success makes stunning original artworks in acrylics possible for everyone

You will master techniques like:

  • The reflection and refraction approach to painting waves that look like you can dive right through them.

  • My tri-colour method for making 2-dimensional images appear 3D

  • Colour mixing, colour matching and using deconstructed colour for more vibrant work

You Do Have What it Takes to Become a Successful Artist

The truth is that anyone can learn to paint standout artworks once they make a commitment to learn the basic principles and techniques. When you understand the elements of art and how you can use them make your work appear 3D, you can use those skills to explore any subject matter in any medium. Then you will be able to confidently call yourself an artist and potentially even sell your work

Hi, I am Your Instructor

Course Creator Jenny Buchanan

I've been creating and selling paintings and mosaics for 25 years.   Over that time I have sold well over 1000 artworks, won several painting awards, participated in gallery exhibitions and have two public works of art to my credit. I have taught painting classes in acrylics, watercolour and pastels. For the last ten years I have been selling my paintings and mosaics only online. While I have had quite a lot of success as an artist I don't believe that to be my greatest gift. Since launching my first online course in March 2020 I have come to realise that my true gift is being able to show other people how to paint. I also know that getting the best results for my students requires a full time commitment from me. That is why teaching online is all I do. Documenting my processes for the creation of painting lessons has helped me to exactly define my methods so that I can then pass on what I know in a clear and concise way. My experience as an online seller means I know how important it is to have great communication. Having taught in-person classes means that I understand how personal criticism of your work can feel which is why I only ever offer supportive, constructive (but honest) feedback. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I believe I have a unique set of skills that makes me ideally suited to teaching art online. The wonderful feedback I get from my students and followers each day seems to back up this claim. I have painted in a variety of styles which is one of the reasons I was approached by Artable Studio to teach and why I am able to help students paint better while maintaining their own unique style. Staying true to your personality is the only way to achieve real painting success.
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Learn to Create Art, Not Copy It

Stunning seascapes are possible for everyone, including newer painters or those who haven't picked up a brush in years